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Justice for Bullies was founded December 26, 2014 with hopes of creating a community that would unite over the desire to end breed specific legislation (BSL).

BSL is a law that is passed by legislative members that pertains to a certain breed, or appearance. It can be the form of an all-out ban, or it can take the forms of rules, regulations, requirements and restrictions. The idea behind BSL is that it will reduce dog bites, unwanted behavior from humans, such as dog fighting, using the dogs as status symbols and essentially slowing down criminal activity.

BSL presumes that a breed, or breeds and or mixed breeds dogs are inherently dangerous and or vicious. BSL punishes dogs based off of their appearance and presumed breeds and not based off the individual behavior and actions of each dog. BSL is expensive, ineffective, provides a false sense of public safety and punishes dogs that are not dangerous.

Justice for Bullies started off with the goal of obtaining the name of one person in every CITY/Hamlet/Town/Village of Alberta, who would stand up and fight to end BSL. To date, we have obtained support from almost every area of the globe.

Once support is obtained from an area in which BSL is enacted, we are then able to start the process of encouraging the municipality to repeal the current bylaw.

On March 16th, 2015 the founder of Justice for Bullies, Chantelle Mackney, was granted the opportunity to speak before the Mayor and the Council members and provide each with an information package. The speech was received very well, and may have helped in the process of having the old bylaw repealed and or answering any questions that the council may have had about moving in the direction of breed neutral bylaws.

On June 1, 2015, Justice for Bullies and its 4,500 Facebook members and 9,000 Instagram members watched as Chestermere, Alberta made history and repealed BSL!

Chestermere, was one of many municipalities that have BSL in place in Alberta. The Justice for Bullies movement does not stop at Chestermere. It is our goal to see a BSL free province and then spread our movement through Canada. Our hopes are to eradicate BSL globally and have a community united to do so.

In reaching this goal we will need to challenge each municipality that has BSL in place and encourage the council to repeal the current bylaw and replace it with one that encourages and enforces responsible ownership, with breed neutral bylaws.

Currently we have reached out to the Mayor and Council members of Bassano, and have a live petition in Redcliff to present to Council.

As Justice for Bullies continues to grow; the needs, wants, desires and requirements of the group do as well. Since starting the group we have become a source for members to educate themselves on the topics of BSL and responsible ownership.

Justice for Bullies has incredible resources on the Facebook page to encourage members to become as educated as possible on the topics of BSL and responsible ownership.

BSL can happen anywhere, at any time, to any breed and it is our job as dog owners to ensure that this does not happen to anyone else.